Friday, September 26, 2008

Yahoo's APT Promises to Be Uppity Up On Online Advertising!

Likening it's program to color television and DVR revolution, Yahoo's new advertising program, APT supposed to set a new future in advertising.
Hillary Schneider of U.S. operations at Yahoo!, described Apt as a"seminal moment in the industry," promising it will be a "transformative development for the advertising and publishing worlds" by allowing advertisers to shift focus from properties to audiences.
Apt is the third moniker Yahoo! has affixed to its platform. When it first unveiled the concept in February, Yahoo! called it Apex. This was switched to AMP in April. AMP is also the name of an ad management system from Collective Media. I certainly hope that this will not fizzle down as that of Microsoft's live Search Advertising platform which promised to kill Google. Google is pretty much alive last time I checked. On the other hand Google Yahoo relationship seem to be fine.
According to Yahoo, San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News First Customers to Go Live with APT.

Some of the initial capabilities featured in the new platform include:

-- Guaranteed cross-selling with pre-defined selling rules

-- Ad Exchange for non-guaranteed inventory

-- Advanced audience targeting techniques based upon behavior and geography

-- Inventory lookup and forecasting across individual and partner sites

-- Creative workflow automation and personalization

-- Powerful rate card tools for improved yield management

-- Filters for better controls around creatives

-- Flexible and powerful APIs

-- Federated ad call to support multiple ad formats

Yahoo! will start to make the platform generally available to advertisers, publishers, networks and agencies in 2009.

Additional information on APT is available at

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