Monday, August 18, 2008

AdSense For Feeds Are In My Feeds Now!

I have just enabled AdSense for Feeds on one of my blogs on Blogspot. Initially there was a bit of snag but with excellence support for AdSense team, my feeds are flowing forth with ease. I just was nice picture ads attached at the end of my feeds! The Google has assured that Feedburner and Google Accounts will be integrated better.
Are you wondering what feeds are then I think in this context you better read the Feedburner tutorial and burn your feeds through the Google AdSense. But if you already have burned your feeds through Feedburner, then you will need to follow a little different path, which I followed. You need to email AdSense support with your account information, (your Feedburner user name and your Google email address, never send passwords through email). You can watch this video and read the post on AdSense Blog. (Link after the jump).

Inside AdSense: I feel the need... the need for feeds

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