Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Walmart Says It Is Reinventing Classifieds With Free Online Classifieds Beta.

After dropping the online music sales Walmart is out with another beta. A beta Free Online Classifieds site. But when I visited the site there were more than 40 million listings. I was surprised to see so many listings on a beta site but soon I understood the game. The site, launched last week is powered by Oodle.com. Oodle.com in turn aggregates listings from many local and national sites. Walmart free online classified ads is here.

The service currently allows sellers and buyers to post and search for items in seven categories and in major U.S. cities.
Craigslist (which I use when I need to find something locally) and EBay's Kijiji are two companies that offer free, or primarily free, classified listings. But we have to see if people will leave Craigslist for Walmart!

I got to go and post my gadgets that I don't use on Craigslist.

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