Saturday, May 3, 2008

Recession 2008, Survive It and here is the 20th tip

Yes for the other 19 tips you will have to go else where. (ok I will give you the directions.) . The recession is around us. Filling up the tank cost $35 bucks ;) , ok I drive a small car!
"Even Jay Z in his latest music video doesn’t choose to flash American money, he shows off euros. That says a lot.", from a comment on Scobleizer.
USDA is telling that Americans get the best deal in food world wide, but this news item says otherwise!. What about these graphs?
I also see people trying to change jobs so they don't have to drive and can afford to get this best deal. One way or the other you need to get through this hard times, so it is better to have as much as advise possible. Scobleizer gave me 19 of ways and asked for more.

20. Read Scobleizer.

And don't forget to look through your ads, your friendly grocery store might have deals!
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