Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recession 2008 Hits Scoble and Begins Advertising On Twitter!

Advertising takes different forms and it is the advertiser who makes the rest of the game interesting. Some advertisers are so strong and capable of getting the likes of Scoble, eat their own words.
Techcrunch who kept tabs on this type of stuff says, "Uber-blogger Robert Scoble, who in 2006 argued that having advertisements on blogs destroys trust, appears to be no longer content with… adding advertisements to his blog. Now he’s experimenting with Twittering adverts for perennial sponsor Seagate. He later twittered “I am just having a little fun getting a conversation about microblog advertising going”."

But you can't blame Scoble for trying to beat recession 2008 and Seagate trying sell some hard drives. But something I like about this is that twitter might get advertising into it's feeds! Will it share with users or not. Or will they let Scoble take over their network and run his ads on it?
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