Friday, August 10, 2007

"crumbled" cookies in Google ads

Google is conducting some tests in serving you with ads. The new or latest tests a re focusing on policies on privacy. The privacy features we'll test in these experiments follow some recently-announced policies, such as a shorter expiration date for the cookie set on your computer and anonymization of the logs data after 18 months.
Some of the ideas Google is exploring include:
  • using "crumbled" cookies, so that the data typically associated with one unique identifying number or "cookie ID" will be broken up among multiple different cookies and diffuse the ad history of individual users;
  • providing better forms of notice within ads, to help users understand who is serving the ads they see, and what data is being collected; and
  • giving users the ability to provide feedback to us about the ads they like and don't like.
Official Google Blog: Online ad-serving tests: "Some of the ideas we're exploring include: * using 'crumbled' cookies,.... the original post.

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