Friday, July 20, 2007

Google ADSense in your games! in your face!!

Kim Pallister of Microsoft Casual Games has an analysis of Google's presentation at the Casual Connect. Bernie Stolar and Greg Schaffer did the presentation about Google's intended in-game advertising.
Yes he is from Microsoft and he has just put on the web what he has jotted down at the Casual connect, and his own comments. So forgive him if he sounds not so friendly. It is just the way it is presented. What is more, if you thought he is against Google and routing for MS, why would he be blogging at Google Blogger rather than MS live Spaces. He knows good stuff when it comes to be choosing them.
But the truth of the matter is that Google's team has not done a proper job of explaining what they intend to do with in-game ads. Will they jump out of my Wii? I don't think it will be on my XBOX elite. If they did, MS will have a explanation to those mysterious crashes.
It is hard to explain what Mr. Pallister is pointing out. But you will understand once you read the post!
He finishes with an analysis that starts with;


Best summarized as: WTF!?

and that is not Technorati where is the fire! Follow the link below for a good time.

...on pampers, programming & pitching manure: Casual Connect Day 2: Google - Adsense for Games

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