Thursday, September 8, 2011

ZAGAT @ Google Might Taste Good Enough To Write A Haiku!

I heard the news on this mornings TV but when I saw a tweet by Google's Marissa Mayer that prompted me to write this.
We all have seen ZAGAT ratings at restaurants and foodies might have even hand out some cash to get the book.
Me and my partner are pretty adventurous when it come to food and we visit places from hole in the walls to five star gourmet restaurants. We are also avid travelers. Knowing the our city, county, state, country and the world is a thirst that never cease.
When it come to hole in the wall and everything in between those five star restaurants, we usually look at Yelp to get an idea and prepare our selves. We use comments to educate ourselves rather than to chose a place.
But now, will we see a change? I guess so, ZAGAT@Google might help us to learn about restaurants in our localities and beyond. We may look there to find where to eat, drink, stay, shop and play.
Official Google Blog: Google just got ZAGAT Rated! Sphere: Related Content

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