Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AdMob Celebrating One Year At Google As It Takes In Mobile Growth, Gracefully

It is one year (To this Friday) since AdMOb came in to the Google fold. Within that year, mobile world has transformed with estimated like 300 million smartphones being shipped, widening the playing field of Mobile Advertising, and of course hundreds of thousands of apps and mobile sites working as gateway to these ads.
AdMob too has grown along with the industry, according to google blog, within one year, AdMob network has grown 3.5 times. Now it is serving 2.7 billion ads a day. That is huge.
The new comer to the mobile playing field, the tablets, have grown too, withing fast six months alone to 300%. So the AdMob network is also accommodating the growth with ads tailored to tablets, specifically with capability to utilize high def screens, touch, tap and swipe features that everyone is using on the tablets.
Mobile App developers also get help to grow their business with new features like improved campaign management, new ad formats and better ad targeting options. But most of all, developers could take advantage of AdMob's "mediation" feature to deliver the most valuable ads from competing ad networks. It is now available in the Google AdMob Ads SDK.

Another feature that AdMob gained at the Google is integration with other Google advertising products, providing single point of control of ads, b e they are targeted desktop, video, mobile and tablets. Recently Google announced the availability of DoubleClick Rich Media ads on the AdMob Network on the AdMob network.
So I guess the growth is just starting. Happy Birthday AdMob, I am sure we will see many more of these birthdays.

Official Google Blog: AdMob celebrates one year at Google as mobile growth accelerates Sphere: Related Content


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