Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Google's New Metatags, syndication-source and original-source Give Credit where credit is due

In a world where blogs and news sites mushroom, a source of a news item might get lost in the translation of the links. We usually try our best to give a link back to our source, like in this case there is a backlink to the source in the title and at the bottom of the article. But of course I learned about the post elsewhere, on twitter. But the link to the Twitter is missing and I went back to look for it and it is now lost among thousands of tweets. But that would have been a good example of syndication link or a syndication source.
But expect Google to provide a solution, Google is experimenting with two new metatags for Google News: syndication-source and original-source. Each of these metatags allow publishers to take credit as well as give credit to other journalists, the only way everyone will be able to survive and a do a good job on the long run. The following two Metatags will be valid to point to original source(s) in one page. In case of not knowing the exact originals source URL, you can point to the general domain, so the credit will travel in right direction..
  • syndication-source indicates the preferred URL for a syndicated article. If two versions of an article are exactly the same, or only very slightly modified, we're asking publishers to use syndication-source to point us to the one they would like Google News to use. For example, if Publisher X syndicates stories to Publisher Y, both should put the following metatag on those articles:
  • original-source indicates the URL of the first article to report on a story. We encourage publishers to use this metatag to give credit to the source that broke the story. We recognize that this can sometimes be tough to determine. But the intent of this tag is to reward hard work and journalistic enterprise. For example, to credit the publication that broke a story you could use a metatag like this:

These metatags are already in use by Google, Google is telling us that the impact may not visible right away. But we all can help by adopting these Meatatags in our sites.
You can learn how these metatags work, and how you can implement them for your site, by visiting Google Help Center article.
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