Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AdWords Campaign Experiments Expanded

Google has expanded the ACE, AdWords Campaign Experiments beyond the shores USA, where ACE was very successful which also prompt for global expansion.
If you are wondering What ACE, AdWords Campaign Experiments are it is very simple to explain. They are, tools offered by Google to test and precisely measure the impact of changes to your keywords, bids, ad groups and placements.

If you have been making changes to your campaigns, without a clear mechanism, then ACE is for you. You will be able to;

  • You’re considering adding (or pausing) a bunch of new keywords, but you aren’t sure how it will affect your overall campaign clicks, costs, and conversions.
  • You have a few keywords that account for a significant fraction of your total AdWords clicks, conversions and cost. You’d like to know what happens if you raise (or lower) bids by 10%. Do your clicks and conversions change by 10% -- or maybe less than that? How would your cost per click and cost per conversion change?
  • You want to easily test a new landing page design tailored for a few high-value keywords against your existing landing page*.
  • A colleague suggests you might improve your Google Display Network campaign performance by adjusting keywords and adding some placement-specific bids, but you’re concerned you might wind up with fewer conversions and no improvement in cost per conversion.
You can find ACE by logging in to your AdWords account. ACE is on the campaign tab under setting. You can learn about ACE at the Help Center FAQ, and by watching videos, like the one below.
AdWords Campaign Experiments rolling out globally - Inside AdWords Sphere: Related Content


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