Friday, April 30, 2010

Google "Tags" Comes To 11 Cities, 9adds Mountain View To The Mix)

If you did not know what Google Tags (Yellow tag), it is a very neat feature that is in beta or trial now. Local business' could add a yellow tag to Google Places for $25 a month flat fee. The Yellow Tag could be used to high light offerings at your place, I meant business, like coupons, photos, videos, menu, reservation, website, and driving directions. Google will launch “post to your Place Page,” a freeform text field in which a business owner can highlight a custom message announcing a sale or an upcoming event.
The initial cities will include, San Jose, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Washington DC, San Diego, Seattle, Boulder, Chicago, San Francisco and Mountain View. If you want to add a yellow tag to your business, you can sign up from your Google Places accounts.

Google LatLong: Tags: Now in 11 cities
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