Monday, October 5, 2009

AdSense for Mobile Gets Optimized For SmartPhones

The growth of high end smartphones like like iPhone, Android-powered devices and the Palm Pre, has not gone unnoticed by advertisers or the agencies nor the analysts like Gartner which has estimated that smartphones sales will soar by 27% in 2009, to 177 million units, globally.
So keeping up with times, Google AdSense Mobile Publishers are getting ability to publish text and image ads from Google AdSense on their sites.
You can get more info on these products at search ad options for high-end phones and AdSense for mobile applications.
You also wll be get more information from the Inside AdSense Blog, which we follow regularly

Official Google Mobile Blog: AdSense for Mobile optimized for high-end phones Sphere: Related Content


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Well, this is pretty cool. I didn't have the slightest idea that the ads I were seeing on my iPhone came from one source. Admob is such a potential advertising firm that's when shaked-lightly could produce an extremely big (ROI) Return of Investment to BIG G

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