Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Google AdWords Keyword and Placement Tools Beta Released.

If you are a Google AdWords user, there is some good news for you . The AdWords team has released a new beta versions of the Keyword and placement tools.
The updated Placement Tool (beta)
As with the updated Keyword Tool, you can now search for placements by any combination of keyword, website/URL, or category. For example, you can search for placements that are only on that are also video placements and that are also in the automotive category. Under Advanced Options, you can also further filter placements by Country or Language, Impressions Per Day, Included Ad Sizes (those sizes offered by the content publisher for their offered placements), and demographic options.

The updated Keyword Tool is available via a link in the current Keyword Tool and the updated Placement Tool is available via a link on the Tools page.
So if you see those links in your AdWords account page, please use them and provide Google AdWords team with your input so that they can further hone the final version. Use "Send Feedback" link in your account.

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