Thursday, March 12, 2009

Optimisation Essentials For AdSense For Content

The Adsense Blog has posted the final episode of the "Optimisation Essentials for AdSense for content" I have followed the series but I am sorry I failed to post about it.
The two previous installments were the best-performing ad unit sizes and taken a look at how to design your ad units for good-looking ads.
So the video explains the placement of the add and where people, visitors tend to click based on heatmap and according to the post the best positions are;
  • Above the fold of a page (the section of the page a user can see without scrolling)
  • At the end of an article
  • Aligned with content
But you can always test these suggestions by testing on your own. If you are a AdSense publisher, you can create channels to track and measure changes in revenue, impressions, clicks, etc. Channels are easy to create and use from your AdSense account. Learn how to do it here Also the original post (Link on the header or below) has a good discussion going on.

Inside AdSense: Optimisation Essentials (Part III) Sphere: Related Content

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