Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Conferencing! With DimDim!!

We all know thatin any marketing or advertising operation there is always need of being in touch with people. Sometimes near, sometimes afar but having that face to face talk showing the sketch on the napkin and telling about a site and a product that you know, helps a lot. We all go to great lengths to setup and acomplish these meetings.
So according to SnapVoIP, DimDIm has come with a product that allows all the above and more with online conferencing. Follow the line to get a free conferencing account that will allow you to host up to 20 users.
DimDim Sheds Beta Tag And Gives Free Conferencing! | VOIP IP Telephony

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Kevin Micalizzi, Dimdim Community Manager said...

Thanks for mentioning our recent 4.5 launch. We're very excited! Dimdim Free gives you free web conferencing for up to 20 attendees [].


Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
Dimdim Web Conferencing /
e: / twitter: @meetdimdim