Tuesday, May 27, 2008

“MySpace meets Craigslist” @ Flugpo, The Socialized Classified Ad Network!.

Flugpo is set to revolutionize online classified listings by integrating community building features to their popular website Flugpo.

Earlier this week, the free social classifieds website relaunched their website and introduced a new feature which allows members to identify their profiles as a personal or business account. This useful feature helps those who come to the site, spend less time weeding through profiles not specific to their searching needs. In doing so, Flugpo unconsciously and unobtrusively asks visitors “who would you like to find?”

Flugpo is often referred to as “Myspace meets Craigslist” by their staff and members. Created in the 2007, Flugpo takes an interesting approach to classified listings by eliminating the anonymity features found with Craigslist and allowing the members to connect with one another. �The classifeds, as the world knows them now has no community, said David Metz, founder of Flugpo. Each classified posting is linked to the profile of the member posting the ad. Given the current landscape of Internet safety, Flugpo is quick to address safety concerns by connecting all classified listings with a “face and name.”

To check out what Flugpo has to offer, visit the official Flugpo website.

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