Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TrialPay, A Referel Service That Actually Pays! Someone And Gives Products Free!

I came across NY Times article about TrialPay. It is a new marketing method that relies on a web of business relationships to give consumers free goods, as long as they buy something else from a long list of well-known online stores.

TrialPay has recently gained a following among online businesses and investors. Now that the idea is attracting more well-known retailers, analysts said, consumers could see more free offers in the coming months.
“This is a very strange, unique animal, but I could see where it would work,” said Dana Gould, an analyst with Financial Insights, a consultant group based in Framingham, Mass. “And since these offers come at exit points, companies are basically saving lost sales.”

Stopzilla, which sells computer security software for around $40, already offers 15-day free trials for prospective customers. After the trial period, those who go to the site to uninstall the program are shown a pop-up window asking if they would like to receive the product free.
They are then shown a list of companies, including Blockbuster, GameFly and Citi, that have agreed to subsidize the cost of the Stopzilla purchase if the customer agrees to also sign up with them.

If they agree, customers are taken, at that point, to a Web site like Blockbuster or Gap, and when they complete their purchase they are sent a code by e-mail for redeeming their free item. Sometimes, these merchants and other TrialPay advertisers, like Gap and Stamps.com, will sweeten the deal with discounts of their own.
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Technology Guide said...

I had an experience with TrialPay that took two days to clear when it was advertised as one that would clear immediately. I placed my order on a Thursday for Stamps.com in exchange for a license to Clipmate, TrialPay cleared it two days later on Saturday

While I did experience a technical problem with them when they were a new company, I find that understandable, because code bugs happen. They could have handled the problem better by responding to my email enquiry but perhaps they were short staffed back then?

I gave TrialPay another go about two weeks ago for a similar instant offer, this time it worked instantly, as advertised, without a hitch! From an end users point of view, TrialPay had a bit of a rough start. They have since worked out the bugs in their system and have become a reliable company with offers that go through, as advertised. I now have no qualms recommending them to family and friends. I will surely jump on deals myself when I find new ones that I find useful.

The whole idea behind TrialPay is pure genius. Consumers, businesses and TrialPay all win when their offers are accepted. There are not many win win win offers in this world that actually work, TrialPay is one that really does!