Thursday, February 21, 2008

Google Video Advertising With AdSense For Video(Beta)

Google has launched the AdSense for Video beta. I hope it will be successful like the other AdSense programs. I wonder if these ads will be intrusive like regular TV ads and since being online, will I be able to skip the ad if I do not like it? Perhaps they will be like super bowl ads that we want to see! There are many unknowns and only time will tell.

If you are interested in publishing video ads, you can apply through Google Video Advertising Solutions (Watch the video above). The publisher section is only made available to invite publishers who meet the following minimum requirements:
Use Flash player 7.0 or above
Viewership primarily based in the United States, English language
At least one million monthly video views

If you meet the qualifications apply here.

Official Google Blog: AdSense for video now in beta: "Google Video Advertising Solutions."

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