Thursday, January 3, 2008

Newbies Have A Place in the AdSense, Newbie Central

AdSense has introduced a new portal for newbie publishers who wants to sharpen their skills with earning money with AdSense.
I myself is a newbie and already learned a few sharp ideas to be put to use at my varioous sites. Currently they are only blog sites. Soon these will change to be driven towards profitability with companion web sites.
As for now, I only carry AdSense ads. Why? Because of few reasons.
1. Ease of Use, any one could start with AdSense programs and most sail through the programs with ease. But places like Newbie Central will certainly make things even easier.
2. To be a giant, be with Giants, currently Google is the behemoth of the Adspace.
3. Trust, I never had to double check whether I am getting paid, the check get posted like a clock work and soon I will convert to direct deposit and help towards saving a tree.
So these three reasons are good for a start and I will have much more for a future article.

Inside AdSense: Ring in the new year with Newbie Central

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