Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Quigo in the arms of AOL? Will fill the Gap In Advertising

Guy Griml is reporting on Haaretz that Time Warner Inc.'s AOL Internet division is about to buy Israeli startup Quigo for $300 million, the biggest exit of the year in Israel. Time Warner is the world's largest communications group, and AOL plans to use Quigo's technology to compete against Internet giants such as Google and Yahoo!
Quigo makes two products for Internet advertising. AdSonar, similar to Google's AdSense, places links on search results related to a given search. This happens without the user being aware that the order of links shown is based on the payments made by advertisers to the site's owner.
The other product, FeedPoint, serves up ads on search results or Internet publishing sites connecting the relevant ads to the user's interests. Sphere: Related Content

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