Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Product Search Brings Tools Like Google Shopper 1.3, Aisles To Make Holiday Shopping Much Easier.

If you are like me or the most of the people, like the author of the post referred below, like to use multiple ways of shopping to accomplish the task of filling the socks.
I am of course a guy who would like to see touch and play with most of the things I buy. That does not mean I do not buy online. I do buy online, products that does not require touching and feeling. Even some of the products that needs the touch, sometimes I buy online, of course after touching and feeling it at a store. Providing there is big gap in the price. I like to keep my local shops alive!
Google Product Search Aisles, Click to enlarge
Talking about local shopping, one thing that Google Product Search provide is the Local availability on Google Product Search. It is one of the ways to keep your local shops alive as it provides information on product availability, prices etc.
If you are a retailer, you too can join the effort after learning the ropes at Google Retail Blog.
Google also providing ways to take shopping mobile! You know the old way but with much more information at your hand, so to say. Google Shopper 1.3 with more than 2.5 Million downloads provides means to shoppers on the go research items and find the best place to buy them either online or in a nearby store.

Another part I really like is the “Popular products” and “aisles”, Google have brought the stores to a web page, which allows one to sail the aisles and;
"learn about and discover new products. When you search for a category of products such as “camera lenses,” our new popular products feature helps you get started by showing you the lenses other people are viewing online. “Aisles” helps you browse and discover products by organizing results into sub-categories that others have found helpful. For example, if you’re looking for a new TV, you can choose between display types like LCD and plasma. If you’re interested in camera lenses for that brand new SLR, you can shop by the aperture of the lens."
Get ready for Happy Holidays!
Official Google Blog: Improvements to Product Search for this holiday season Sphere: Related Content

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