Friday, April 30, 2010

Google "Tags" Comes To 11 Cities, 9adds Mountain View To The Mix)

If you did not know what Google Tags (Yellow tag), it is a very neat feature that is in beta or trial now. Local business' could add a yellow tag to Google Places for $25 a month flat fee. The Yellow Tag could be used to high light offerings at your place, I meant business, like coupons, photos, videos, menu, reservation, website, and driving directions. Google will launch “post to your Place Page,” a freeform text field in which a business owner can highlight a custom message announcing a sale or an upcoming event.
The initial cities will include, San Jose, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Washington DC, San Diego, Seattle, Boulder, Chicago, San Francisco and Mountain View. If you want to add a yellow tag to your business, you can sign up from your Google Places accounts.

Google LatLong: Tags: Now in 11 cities
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google Introduces DFP (DoubleClick For Publishers) For Small Business

In the heels of it's acquisition of DoubleClick, Google is entering market place from all angles and one such is the DFP for small business'.
Next few days Google Ad Manager publishers will be upgraded to DFP for Small Business. It is streamlined version of DoubleClick for Publishers, specifically targeting ever growing publishers. Do not hesitate to create an account if you already have one at the DFP site.
The upgrade will bring forth simplified ad trafficking workflows, robust reporting options, and an open Web Services API, what people have been asking for ages, according to Googles
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Google Acquires DoubleClick After FTC Clears The Transaction

Google has Acquired DoubleClick
After they received the blessing from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC. DoubleClick dominated the online advertising, until Google came along and changed the advertising landscape.
The approval by FTC (The Approval report)means that the requisition does not threaten the competition and now Google can take steps to provide great advertising to it's clients.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Google Places, The Directory For Local Businesses On The Web.

Google announced today Google Places, a place for local business to do online advertising for real time searchers on the web. Exactly what a local wants in a locality, unless he or she is searching to write a paper on philosophy.
When Google launched the Google Local Business Center, it was Google Favorite Places that guided mobile users with their unique bar codes, QR codes. I remember checking out Berkeley as seen below.

The todays announcement of Google Places introduces local search and map listings, realtime updates, custom QR codes and coupons. Business owners could even get photo shoots for businesses.
With the new model, Google compete with the likes of Twitter, FourSquare and facebook that offers location based and local information.
Business' could buy tags, for $25 a month that will direct users who search by the tag, once found they will be able to print out QR codes or coupons and find the way through Google Maps.
Again local searches seems to be focusing on quick searches. Do it to find something in a hurry and do it again if necessary. May be Google will improve it, like it did so far with the Google Places.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

ad:tech San Francisco 20% Discount Code From Google!

If you need a little nudge to get to the ad:tech San Francisco next week (April 19th to April 22nd), Google has added one more to the other attractions they already have, a 20% discount code for registering for the ad:tech event.
Once there, you are promised, from Google to receive, more information on AdWords, Analytics, DoubleClick, YouTube, AdSense and the Google Content Network.
in addition to the workshops;
"Insights Lickety Split in AdWords Search Funnels and Google Analytics"
"Google Ad Innovations @ ad:tech"
and the session;
"Marketing Masters - The Bleeding Edge of Advertising Innovation."
The code is "GGLESPON"

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Google TV Ads Insider Info

Google TV Ads blog has published the third installment of it's "Google TV Ads Power User Series". The article covers; advanced reporting and measurement capabilities of the platform
advanced reporting and measurement capabilities of the system are covered. Telling you how to find out impression counts, tuning data and cost metrics.
The metrics go very deep in details such as audience metrics include Nielsen Viewer per Viewing Household (VPVH) household income, and category interest information to name a few.
There are a loads of insider tips like;
Imagine how powerful it would be to understand not only the reach, but also the frequency of your TV campaigns over a given time frame. As seasoned TV buyers know, understanding how often you are reaching a given audience is as important in determining ad effectiveness as measuring reach. Are viewers motivated to visit your website or purchase  from you after seeing your ad just once? Or perhaps the sales cycle is longer and repeat views are needed to move the needle. The ‘Reach and Frequency Report’ makes measuring this extremely easy, and can be viewed weekly or monthly to give you a sense of your creative penetration over the specified date range.
If you are even slightly interested in TV advertising, Google or otherwise, this series is a must read
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