Friday, May 15, 2009

AdMob Makes iPhone Apps Shine In Advertising World.

AdMob for iPhone geared towards apps for iPhone and iPhone web sites and allows advertisers to create ads that will be served to iPhone users. There are 8 types of Actions that advertisers can choose from to engage customers on the iPhone: Canvas, Maps, App Store, Audio, Web, iTunes, Video, & Call.
also promotes the “iPhone Download Exchange,” which allows application developers in AdMob’s ad network to allocate a portion of their ad inventory to an exchange. The exchange is used to help developers drive downloads. The idea is for its network of companies to help drive traffic to each other and of course increased downloads will advertisements, advertisers and ADMOB.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Searchology (Google Squared)

Google Searchology (Google Squared)
Google mentioned that the new twist in google search will appear in google labs no later than a month, perhaps at Matt Cutts, the search engine guru, has a nice paragraph that explains the Google Squared.
“You can type in any search and this Google Lab (scheduled to launch later this month) will try to build a useful “Square” that you can save. In the demo, if you typed in “small dogs” then Google would try to return types of small dogs, along with facts like how much they weigh. It’s easy to add a row to the Square, so you could add a row for Lhasa Apso and Google will try to infer the relevant facts from the web. You can also add new columns, e.g. if you type “energy level” then Google will look for corroborating facts across the web and try to guess the energy level of each type of dog. I can personally attest that Google Squared can be as fun as Google Maps--you can easily burn an hour just typing in random things to see what Google can do for that search..”
I don't think we need Wolfram|Alpha. Or isit?
ThechCrunch has a good video of the Google Squared;

They also looked at Search Options;
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Microsoft Apple(d) Again.

Apple has done it again with a smart ad. Microsoft's attempt of being smart ads seem to fly out the window with this smug ad by Apple! As an Ad, I like it! As a Product, I love it. (I use both PC's and Macs) It is like having two kids, naughty hyper one and angelic one! Now Apple bring out an Angelic ad!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chromance, How Google Advertise On The Web and TV

It is a rush!
Google got an ad space on New York Times to promote Chrome, Google's web browser. The ad points to 11 short videos on Google's own YouTube, in the Chrome Channel. The same ads have hit TV on some markets. Too bad Google took away their Google TV Ads.
But Chrome, I like it, it is fast, each tab is a process (on windows machines) and not much to learn.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Link Your Adsense To Google Analytics And Learn Indepth Information On Traffic To Your Site

Inside AdSense: Analytics integration for all

AdSense publishers are able to view more detailed reports by linking their AdSense accounts to Analytics. Adsense has rolled out this feature to all publishers. You can see it on AdSense Reports Overview page. (see the video below).

Once Adsense and analytics are linked, You will be presented with an AdSense-specific menu under the 'Content' section of the left-hand navigation bar on your Analytics homepage, containing these reports:
  • The Top AdSense Content report allows you to see more details about specific pages on your site and analyze ad performance. For instance, if you find that some of your pages generate a high number of pageviews but aren't monetizing as well as other pages, you can focus your optimization efforts on improving these pages.
  • The Top AdSense Referrers report can help you see how different incoming traffic sources contribute to your revenue.
  • Last, the AdSense Trending report lets you analyze how your site generates revenue during different times of the day and different days of the week.
What a betterway to find out about your traffic and the revenue streams.

For more information, visit .
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Friday, May 1, 2009

DoubleClick Studio And Rich Media Ads

Rich Media Ad
As a result of Google acquiring DoubleClick, everyone involved with advertising is benefiting in various forms. The latest being DoubleClick Studio, which allows one to create a feature rich mixed media advertisements for the web.
Rich media ads, unlike the static ads, offer features such as expanding when users click or roll over, provide HD video experiences or get in touch with the advertiser byclicking to make a phone call.
But we have seen how dynamic web has changed the early days of web experience with tools such as ajax and flash. The scopes are only limited by the imagination of these web creators. So these ads are not much different and we might find some ads that we would want to immerse ourselves in.
To learn more about these Rich Media Ads;
Google Blog
DoubleClick Studio
DoubleClick Blog
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